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Saturday, July 05, 2014
Dear Friends,
idol-white kim kardashianAre you one of those who suffering from yellow teeth and you fear of being castigated for your obvious problem?
Do you want to get the same pearly white smile as Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney?
Your wish to get sparkling white smile will come true today. We are proud to introduce you to Idol Whitethe best teeth whitening system currently available. Idol White provides professional-quality whitening in a convenient system that you can use at home, and will give you results in seconds. And it is perfectly safe and easy to use.
Read on to learn more about howIdol White can give you whiter teeth in seconds.

What is Idol White?

Idol White Teeth Whitening PensIdol White is one of the newest teeth whitening products on the market. Since it launched, it has become one of the most popular products among people who want to get whiter teeth but cannot afford to go to a dentistto get a professional teeth bleaching treatment. Unlike other whitening systems that require you to use a tray that will be placed over your teeth, Idol White uses a convenient pen method to apply its very effective whitening gel.
 When used as directed, you’ll enjoy whiter teeth and a brighter smile
With Idol White, you’ll never have to be conscious about smiling and displaying your teeth ever again, since they’ll always be pearly white. And it’s surprisingly easy on the budget.
Idol White is a proud member of the Natural Products Association, which ensures that it is made from the best ingredients and manufactured to the highest standards, with superior quality control, in order to give its customers the best value for their money.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

In order to understand how Idol White works, we need to look at the causes of yellow teeth. Discolored teeth are one of the most common complaints dentists are asked to address. In fact, there are even some dental practices that have made teeth whitening one of their specializations, since the demand for whiter teeth is so great.
This is not surprising since people who suffer from yellow teeth frequently feel embarrassed and even self-conscious. When their picture is taken, they don’t even want to smile for fear of displaying their yellow teeth. And they feel uncomfortable in social situations, since they feel that other people may be commenting on their discolored teeth.
But what exactly are the causes of yellow teeth?
It is actually natural for our teeth to turn yellow as we age. As we use our teeth to eat, the outer enamel eventually begins to wear out, revealing the inner layer underneath. This layer, which is called dentin, is yellowish or greyish in color, which is why older people have discolored teeth.
However, age is not the only reason why teeth become discolored. The outer enamel itself can become discolored for a variety of reasons. For example, if you drink a lot of coffee, the brown color can cause the enamel to become stained brown. If you smoke, the nicotine can cause your teeth to develop yellow stains.
In addition, there are some medicines that can cause teeth to become discolored, such as hypertension drugsand antihistamines. Even fluoride from the water we drink or from the toothpaste we use can cause our teeth to become discolored.
In short, it is not enough to maintain proper dental hygiene in order to keep your teeth white; you will need a bleaching agent as well in order to remove the stains from your teeth.
“This is where Idol White comes in as its tooth whitening gel can help remove the stains from your teeth to give you that whiter smile you’ve always wanted”


One of the things Idol White prides itself upon is the use of all-natural ingredients in its formulation. These ingredients have been proven to be effective in making teeth whiter and putting them together in one formula greatly increases their effectiveness.

Some of the vital ingredients in Idol White:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    This extremely gentle acid is a bleaching agent with oxidizing properties that efficiently cleans your teeth without damaging the enamel.
  • Carbomer
    Another gentle bleaching agent that works with the Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach your teeth and make them whiter.
  • Glycerin
    This substance delivers the teeth whitening substances deep into the tooth enamel to provide fast results.
  • Sodium Hydroxide
    This solution adds white to your teeth as well as intensifying the whitening process by allowing the other vital ingredients to be delivered more quickly.
  • EDTA
    This agent helps purify teeth by removing many of the toxins that cause enamel to become yellow.
In addition, Idol White also contains peppermint oil and sodium saccharin to give it a pleasant taste. And since sodium saccharin is a sugar-free sweetenerit won’t damage your teeth by causing decay.

How Does IDOL WHITE Compare with
Other Home Whitening Methods?

There are three main home whitening methods that are commonly used:

  • Applying the tooth whitening agent using a toothbrush.In this method, you place the gel onto a toothbrush and then brush it on. While this is a very convenient way to apply the whitening substance, it can also result in an uneven color, with blotchy patches.
  • Applying it using strips.While the strips may seem to allow you to apply the whitening gel more evenly on your teeth, the main problem is that they will not penetrate the grooves in between your teeth. So these areas will stillremain discolored.
  • Applying it using a tray.This is actually one of the most effective ways to apply the whitening gel, since it allows for a more even distribution over your teeth. All you have to do is place the gel on the form-fitting tray that has been specially fitted to your bite. Place it over your teeth and then leave on for the recommended time. However, this method can be expensive, since you will have to visit the dentist to have a tray created specifically for you. And it can also be inconvenient since the routine can be time-consuming as well as messy.
Idol White has the edge on these three methods
since it is more convenient to put on.

in 3 EASY Step

Using Teeth Whitening Pens

Idol White is applied to the teeth using convenient teeth whitening pens that let you put the active agent directly onto the tooth for more effective results.
Idol White Whiten Teeth in Minutes
“And you can carry around the pens so that you can
apply the whitening agent at any time it is convenient for you,
even when you are away from home.
Before you apply the Idol White onto your teeth, start by brushing and flossing to remove surface stains and food debris and ensure better penetration of the whitening gel on your teeth, particularly on the gaps in between. Then open the pen and start applying the whitening gel onto your teeth.
It only takes a few minutes to apply it completely, and then let it stay on for a minute or two. Within a matter of minutes you’ll soon be enjoying the whiter teeth that you’ve always wanted.

About Idol White

One of the main selling points of Idol White is undoubtedly the endorsement of celebrity Kim Kardashian and her sisters, who say that the product is more convenient to use than messy trays. She also appreciated that she could get professional whitening results at home without having to spend thousands of dollars at the dentist – and so will you!
Idol White Kim Kardashian Testimonial
In addition, thousands of satisfied customers are also leaving their testimonials, not only on the Idol White site, but also on other teeth whitening reviews sites. These are few of them:
Idol White Teeth Whitening Customer Reviews and Testimonials

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A one month supply of Idol White costs just $39.95 and consists of two tubes of the product that you can conveniently carry around in your pocket or purse so that you can enjoy its cleaning power at any time, even while you’re on the go.
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Chintya Roth

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